• Protection and representation in all categories of litigation in courts and arbitration tribunals
  • Defense and representation in administrative proceedings

Commercial Law

  • Advice on commercial issues
  • Representation in organizing and conducting general meeting of shareholders, management bodies, constituent assemblies and others, as well as preparing reports, orders, decisions and other documents in this connection.
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Advice on protection of property
  • Change the listed circumstances, announcement of Annual Financial Statements entered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency at the Ministry of Justice
  • Consultation, negotiation, preparation and drafting of various types of contracts
  • Assistance in various types of commercial proceedings
  • Transformation of companies - merger, consolidation, separation, division
  • Liquidation and dissolution of merchants
  • Bankruptcy of companies

Property Law and Real Estate

  • Due diligence of real estate transactions
  • Secure real estate transactionst inspection of documents, analysis of legal history of the estate planning of acquisitions, divestments, optimization of costs and taxes, draft contracts and deeds, involvement of a notary, appraisers, insurance company
  • Participation in negotiations related to the conclusion of real estate transactions, examination of property status, presence / absence of encumbrances
  • Preparation of preliminary contracts, deeds, mortgages, assistance in the supply of all required statutory documents Notary Act, representation before a notary
  • Protection of property rights through the courts (restitution claim, claim of the owner to protect his property rights against any third party actions, possessory claims)
  • Voluntary and judicial partition of co-owned property and real estate

Law Tax

  • Appeals of actions and acts of the National Revenue Agency (NRA) and National Insurance Institute (NII)administrative and judicial.
  • Preparation of legal documents and representation before the National Revenue Agency and the Norwegian National Insurance Agency in connection with audits and court cases.
  • Developing stretegies optimization of tax liabilities in business and individual transactions.

Labour law

  • Legal advice, opinions and representation in labor conflicts, layoffs, dismissals, actions for annulment of illegal dismissal, correcting the reason for termination of employment.
  • Preparation of employment files, registers, employment contracts, declarations and consents and all documents and papers related to the employment relationship between employee and employer.
  • Settlement of disputes in the event of an occupational accident, property liability, etc.
  • The company's goal is to resolve the labor disputes that have arisen at the level of negotiations and reach out-of-court solutions, and when this is impossible - we provide competent procedural protection and representation.

Administrative procedures

  • Structure of the territory - discussion and adoption of general and detailed development plans, change of purpose of land, change of permanent use.
  • Public procurement - preparation of documents and procedures under the Law on Public Procurement, lawyers from the company are included in the list of external experts at the Public Procurement Agency.
  • Legal advice, opinions and representation in labor conflicts, layoffs, dismissals, actions for annulment of illegal dismissal, correcting the reason for termination of employment.
  • Trademark preliminary examination, applications, national and international registrations, community mark, trademark protection and opposition.
  • Assistance for issuing various administrative acts, including certificates, licenses and permits
  • Promote the acquisition of permits and licenses
  • Registration procedures
  • Protection and oposition of trade marks.

Public procurement

  • Appeal, representation and defense before the Commission for the Protection of Competition, legal representation
  • Lawyer Martin Yankov is registered as an external expert in the Public Procurement Agency.