• Protection and representation in all categories of litigation in courts and arbitration tribunals

Commercial Law

  • Advice on commercial issues
  • Representation in organizing and conducting general meeting of shareholders, management bodies, constituent assemblies and others, as well as preparing reports, orders, decisions and other documents in this connection.
  • Advice on protection of property
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • National and international registration, trademark of EU
  • Protection and opposition of trademarks
  • Registration of all types of companies and non-profit entities
  • Change the listed circumstances, announcement of Annual Financial Statements entered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency at the Ministry of Justice
  • Consultation, negotiation, preparation and drafting of various types of contracts
  • Assistance in various types of commercial proceedings
  • Transformation of companies – merger, consolidation, separation, division
  • Liquidation and dissolution of merchants
  • Bankruptcy of companies

Property Law and Real Estate

  • Due diligence of real estate transactions
  • Secure real estate transactionst inspection of documents, analysis of legal history of the estate planning of acquisitions, divestments, optimization of costs and taxes, draft contracts and deeds, involvement of a notary, appraisers, insurance company
  • Participation in negotiations related to the conclusion of real estate transactions, examination of property status, presence / absence of encumbrances
  • Preparation of preliminary contracts, deeds, mortgages, assistance in the supply of all required statutory documents Notary Act, representation before a notary
  • Protection of property rights through the courts (restitution claim, claim of the owner to protect his property rights against any third party actions, possessory claims)
  • Voluntary and judicial partition of co-owned property and real estate

Law Tax

      • Appeals of actions and acts of the National Revenue Agency (NRA) and National Insurance Institute (NII) administrative and judicial.
      • Developing stretegies optimization of tax liabilities in business and individual transactions.

Financial Law, Securities

      • Legal support for companies traded on the Stock Exchange
      • Advice to financial institutions
      • Advising on international financing transactions

law Labour

  • Legal advice, opinions and representation in labor conflicts, layoffs, dismissals, actions for annulment of illegal dismissal, correcting the reason for termination of employment.
  • Preparation of all labour documents

Administrative procedures

  • Assistance for issuing various administrative acts, including certificates, licenses and permits
  • Promote the acquisition of permits and licenses
  • Registration procedures
  • Protection and oposition of trade marks.


      • Comprehensive legal assistance in insolvency proceedings, including Prevention of bankruptcy, litigation in bankruptcy litigation Planning and implementation of bankruptcy procedures Preliminary analysis of bankruptcy and down the country attractive and methods for recovery of business