Law Firm “Shopov and Yankov” is founded in 2009 by lawyer Nikolay Shopov and lawyer Martin Yankov. Since its inception, the company has one main goal – to build a contemporary and modern law firm that is able to serve effectively the interests of their clients in all areas of law. The firm offers comprehensive legal services to its clients by conducting legal advice and legal services to Bulgarian and foreign individuals and legal persons throughout the country. We work with colleagues and partners outside the Republic of Bulgaria.
               In the law firm “Shopov and Yankov” we provide highly qualified legal assistance to clients in the field of civil law, contractual law, commercial, tax and financial law, property law, labor law, corporate law, administrative law, public procurement and trade marks. The team has a long practice and experience in protecting the rights and interests of their clients. We always approach with care, competence and confidentiality to each case, which is always necessary for the proper and successful legal service.
               The law firm offers expert advice and participation in negotiations for the conclusion of any type of contracts and maximum protection of the interests of clients.
The company guarantees quality, loyalty, promptness and confidentiality in the provision of legal aid. Pooling knowledge and personal experience and consider each case on various aspects, thereby strive for the best protection of the rights and interests of customers.
              We achieve the best possible results to meet the expectations of customers who have trusted us. Law Firm “Shopov and Yankov ‘individual approach to each case, considering each case to the specific conditions and offers its customers the best possible solutions from all effective actions that can be taken.
               For full legal services to our clients the firm cooperates with notary offices, bailiffs, and also with authorized translation offices.